About Us

I am Wesley, internet marketer and administrator of the network of websites in various niches. Although we are mostly active in digital products and information about wellness in all dimensions, this website “Wron Store” is our main focus. The reason is that though knowledge is a base for prosperous and healthy style of living, there is a need to have basic equipment in achieving our goals being well and happy. Healthy living includes spending time outdoors (camping, hiking, exploring the nature), taking part in various sports activities (running, cycling, Yoga, or just getting fit). To feel good we also need to take care of our appearance, thus taking care of your look (face skin care, hair etc.) is also important ingredient in “feeling good” about ourselves.

This online shop aims to offer tools and equipment to help in realizing above stated goals. We are constantly not only improving our services, but we research market on daily basis for the best products and for the best prices available.

We would be very grateful for any advice and suggestions about our shop in general and how we can serve better to you as a customer.

Happy shopping, Wesley